St. Denis Catholic Church

Our Kenyan Partners

Our work: We work with and for the needy, the disempowered, and the dispossessed people of western Kenya.   We strive to help them create self-direction, self-reliance, and self-respect.   Together, we build sustainable self-reliance.   Our goal is that present and future generations of Kenyans will benefit from our work long after we are gone and forgotten.

Past Partners

Our Lady of Grace School
Our Lady of Grace School (OLG) is a primary and secondary school founded and run by the Order of Preachers, the Dominicans.   Most of the 280 students come from marginalized/dysfunctional families in Kisumu and environs.   Many are provided room, board, clothing, and supplies through Father Tom’s Kids (FTK), a Dominican-run sponsoring entity that provides most of the funding for OLG.

St. Denis Konditi School
St. Denis Konditi School is a public (government-run) primary school.   The school serves 300 children from the Pap-Onditi area, a rural and comparatively poor district.   Many children are orphaned, and most children live with their birth families or extended families.   Thirty percent of the children come from families impacted by HIV/AIDS.   Nutrition is often poor.

Christ the King Katito Parish

Christ the King Katito Parish is a rural parish of the Kisumu Archdiocese.   The parish is a vibrant church community with a strong and active parish council.   It serves as the home church for eight villages near Katito.   Its current church is an open gazebo:  work has started on a new and permanent church, but funding is very limited.   The home church is adjacent to St. Hannah Kindergarten School.

Nyakach County Hospital
Nyakach County Hospital is a government-run hospital serving approximately 68,000 persons scattered among rural communities near Pap-Onditi.   The hospital has 38 beds, some often occupied by more than one patient.   The majority of its care is outpatient, especially at its 12 day-clinics scattered throughout Nyakach District.   The hospital has only one physician, and performs only simple procedures. 

Nyakach Farmers Cooperative
Nyakach Farmers’ Cooperative is an association of small-scale farmers in Pap-Onditi and neighboring communities.   The two dozen women and men of the Cooperative each farms a small vegetable garden on their own land-holding.   Together, they collaborate to share expertise, to purchase seeds collectively, to improve the quality of their produce, to improve productivity, and to market and sell their produce.    This allows them to provide better fresh vegetables to their neighbors and to improve their own standard of living.   Moreover, their improved farming practices inspire similarly improved practices among home-gardeners in their neighborhoods, thus improving the sustainability, diversity, and security of local food supplies.