St. Denis Catholic Church


First Penance

This is the first step in preparation for First Holy Communion. Children have the joyous opportunity to confess their sins to God and receive absolution. This  is usually undertaken by young people in second grade, although all of us are called throughout our lives to return frequently to this sacrament.


First Communion

This sacrament provides young people with the opportunity to receive Jesus' Precious Body and Blood for the first time after their sins have been forgiven. We are all called to this intimacy with Our Lord as He humbles Himself to come to us through the substance of bread.
We honor Our Blessed Mother during the May Crowning at the 9:00 a.m. Mass. The First Communicants receive Jesus for the second time and celebrate anew the role of Mary's "yes" to the Lord.



In this final Sacrament of Initiation and after two years of preparation, high school sophomores are filled with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Bishop honors St. Denis by celebrating this sacrament and Confirming the youth in the Catholic Faith. Through the laying on of hands and the anointing with chrism oil, the Confirmandi allow grace to work in a more powerful way in their lives.